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of terrorist material ever obtained by a the united states. and it came straight from the mind of osama bin laden. newly declassified documents reveal the al qaeda leader struggled to keep his global geoid from crumbling. and as manuel gallegus shows us, it also reveals a hit list reaching all the way to the white house. >> right up until the end, osama bin laden was plotting terror. a collection of letters from his final hide out shows that he wanted to target airplanes carrying president barack obama. he said that killing him automatically would make joe biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term. he described the vice-president as totally unprepared for the job. former deputy director of national intelligence and cbs news senior correspondent john miller was the last western journalist to interview him. >> i think in the end he was struggling to figure out what al qaeda was at that point. >> the navy seals who killed osama bin laden when your go gathered the documents from his compound in pakistan. 17 of the letters are now declassified and posted on an army website. th
at national level to build an early warning system. it is our hope that in the united states we don't need to wait for a killer earthquake to build the early-warning system. >> the beta system and development works like this ... >> moderate shaking expected in 22 seconds. >> you're using the path of waves created by the 1989 earthquake. in the yellow are the key ways which are often undetectable by humans. the red represents shear waves which often cause the most shaking and damage. people in san fransisco in the east they would have had 26 seconds of lead time. a difference many believe could have saved lives. >> if you have a few seconds of one then you can take cover, you are far less likely to be injured. >> i do have a circuit board design ... >> is not just expensive equipment and computer programs that may eventually help get the job done. researchers at stanford are dispatching small sensors to schools and homes. >> it is a real time demonstration of what is happening in the earth. >> which could be installed on personal computers. the data is instantly sent back to the laboratory
as the united states looks for ways to stop the deadly violence in syria. >> first his car was stolen, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> @ top stories at 6:30 p.m., another massacre in syria. the united nations observers found more than a dozen bodies of civilians shot execution- style. danielle nottingham reports that they are pointing the finger at the syrian government. >> syrians gathered in the street to bury another victim of the violence now spinning out of control. wednesday the united nations observers discovered 30 more bodies, apparently shot execution-style. that follows the massacre of more than 100 people last week. u.n. investigators say the syrian government is responsible. the security council met wednesday to talk about what action to take against the syrian president. >> the syrian government has made commitments, it has blatantly violated those commitments, and, i think it is quite clear, as we have said for many weeks, if they continue to do so, there should be consequences. >> what does officials say that although military options against syria are on the table, for now th
is that united states supreme court has not yet weighed in. no matter what to do politically they have not waited in and say that sexuality it's the same kind of protection as race or gender or ethnicity. all the president is doing to do is taking a political calculation but if you listen to his statement carefully also said he was not going to force states to go along with this. so if you are in the l g b t community, what were delighted, you are also a little bit disappointed because he can force the legal system to make real changes that people want in their lifetime to see. the kind of thing that gavin newsom was talking about. >> talking about this political line, is the president using young adults that tend to support gay marriage vs african american democrats and hispanic democrats who have typically supported him, is this a smart move? >> he is probably correctly assuming that people in the african-american community who are as diverse as anyone else, but he probably is safely assume that a majority of them will support him regardless of his position on this issue. the may not agree with
into the evening. >> a swift secretive trips to the wars on, the president says that the united states is it within reach of defeating al qaeda and he announced a pivotal agreement with afghanistan during the address to america. political reporter grizzly is here with the deal to end the war. >> as the president says, this is a historic moment after a decade-long war in afghanistan. the strategic agreement that he signed tonight is symbolic in many ways. the most important is that we are in the process of ending the war in afghanistan. it was a risky move, arriving in afghanistan on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. the president landed secretly in the dark and quickly took off again. the president spoke from the air force base tonight, aknowledge and that it was the actions of osama bin laden that started this war in afghanistan. >> my fellow americans, we have traveled for more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. yet here, in the pre-dawn darkness of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. the iraq war is over. the number of our troops in harm's way ha
have killed 95 percent of the cars in the united states, compared to 66%. but their bid for the contract was more expensive by $180 million. and in the and the bart board could not be convinced to put the project on hold. we'll bidders formulated new plants around american jobs. >> we do need to approve this contract today. >> we need the cars and we need the jobs right now. so i'm very convinced that we should accept this bid. >> the real tragedy she says, is of the 5000 jobs the contract will create, none will be in the bay area. >> we need to do more for the bay area. and we did not. >> it is a missed opportunity, just like we stated with the bay bridge projects. with most of the ironwork on that same going out to china. >> those new cars are expected to be on the tracks by 2017. that will be just as the bart san jose extension is completed. >> a swimmer since tonight after being rescued from the rocks at lands' end in san fransisco. chopper flies overhead as the rest operation got under way. the swimmer got caught up in the surf before becoming stranded. firefighters
to travel to the united states . another wild night in oakland, the did not marched down main street. and no clashes with police but they did take over a city council meeting shouting down council members considering a ban on things such as shields and screw drivers at protest. >> they say that a picture is worth 1000 words. take a look at these. >> you don't have a right to arrest me because you think i might commit a crime. you don't have the right!. you don't have the right to arrest me! because you think i am going to commit a crime? >> are you just want to go on and on? >> i am going to go on and on! >> that was a taste of the meeting or open city council members tried to discuss an ordinance that will allow police to arrest protesters found carrying shields, clubs, and hammers at an occupied protest. >> we're trying to make it a little bit safer for the law enforcement officers. >> but the occupied protesters say that the ban was too broad. >> legality and the constitution have nothing to do it does. there's one law that operates in this country and that a lot that might makes
printer cartridges that were shipped to the united states on cargo airlines in 2010 >> a very clever guy, very good at making bombs. he is probably their number one threat to the united states directly. >> the white house says the president was first informed about a plot last month and was told that the device posed no threat to the public. officials say the cia seized the explosive before the bomber had selected a target flight or purchase tickets. authorities have not revealed what happened to the suspect. >> this incident makes clear that this country needs to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> federal transportation officials say there will be no noticeable changes in airport security because of this plot. >> election day now less than a month away, the first day that california voters can start casting their ballots by mail. in the ad campaign 2012 report grace lee explains what has changed this year that could shake up some of the races. >> we now have an open primary system
of a highly contagious disease in the united states. more than half of those cases come from people from outside of the country. >> if they're not treated there's a high mortality associated with both of these forms of diseases. >> we're talking 10 percent of people that don't take their medicine? >> and if it is resisting a could be higher. >> authorities said they felt they needed to act quickly because he has a habit of going to his home town in mexico when things get tense here. >> state health officials tell me that back fully, as it turns out, this is the lowest time for him tuberculosis cases in recorded history. only 2300 cases per year in the state of california. i spoke with officials here in alameda county as well as differences go and say it is extremely rare to have to jail someone to force them to take their medicine but it does happen. >> >> i am len ramirez in san jose with a new fire department response plan. just ahead, why your next 9 1 1 call may not be responded to with a fire engine. >> what is happening to all of the bumble bees? the suspected culprits get teams of
in california and 90 in the united states. this one is the only one in the bay area and one of the first in the nation. about 140 veterans come to court each month. what they find is unprecedented. county and veterans administration staff in court offering one-stop shopping for help. >> in part i think that it works because to bring the services to them. >> judge manley himself becomes a cheerleader in coach. >> fantastic! >> he says he has graduated dozens of veterans but only 12 percent have committed a new crime. that is hope for richard was halfway through its domestic violence program and 30 with his wife. >> every time i come here people are applauding me and me feel good to come to court. >> with more troops returning home, the veterans court is ready to offer an army of support. >> good job, and they're proud of you. you have come a long way. >> judge manley says there are plans to take the bay area's second veterans court to san mateo county. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, one of my favorite views in the bay area. taking a peek at mt. diablo. all eyes will be on that particul
something back to yourself, and just slowed down. >> more than 20 million people in the united states practice yoga. >> it is a great workout and it gets in touch with my body is >> i started doing yoga because i had been having neck pain. >> to help clams live up to the excitement? there is good news and bad news. >> and there's a mystique of perfection, that you put your need down on the yoga mats and somehow you have entered on a path of spirituality. >> the new york times journalist took a serious look at the sides of yoga to reveal what is real and what is not. there's lots of evidence, he says, that it relieve stress and in that way benefits are hard by lowering blood pressure. blood sugar, and cholesterol. >> it is wonderful for your cardiovascular system. >> all that flexing and bending might actually benefit your back. the movements may help to better deliver nutrients to the disk and that may fight spinal the duration. and there's more. by lowering stress, >> theres cutting edge evidence that suggests that it can lengthen the life span of individual cells in your body. >> en
. this is a great american success story gone horribly wrong. he wants to d friend the united states of america, just to avoid paying taxes, and we're not going to let him get away with that. >> he has authored legislation called the " expatriate act " which would impose taxes on expatriates' that move to avoid that. he denies doing that and insists that he has every intention of paying up. >> for the first time, minorities are the majority in the united states. minorities make up more than 51 percent of all births between july 2010 and july 2011. up from 37% in 1990 according to the new census data. the reason? there are more minority women in their childbearing years. >> these policymakers, most of whom who are older and white, will they support programs to support this new generation of youth that does not look much like them? >> minorities make up more than 50 percent of the population in washington d.c., new mexico, texas, and hawaii. in california minorities make up more than 60 percent of the state's population. 14 million latinos live in california, more than in any other state. >> one
and mis-management. >> the united states is trying to avoid a diplomatic crisis. it is believed that american officials are protecting a well- known chinese dissidents in beijing. but one lawyer escaped house arrest last week. he was imprisoned for several years after he exposed forced abortions under the country's one child policy. a negotiation for his freedom is calling tension between the two nations just days before the secretary of state hillary clinton is set to arrive in china for economic talks. >> i can certainly guarantee that we will be discussing every matter, including human rights. >> supporters for the dissident believe that a deal for his release will be accomplished before clinton arrives in china. >> london might put missiles in neighborhoods to keep people safe during the summer olympics. the british military is considering installing surface to air missiles on apartment rooftops. the plan includes six missile sites with 10 troops in each one. security experts say the plan is necessary to prevent a 9/11 style attack but some fear the sites would become target
than 100 civilians. more than a dozen countries including the united states are spelling syrian diplomats in response to last week's mass killings. nearly half of the victims were children. the u.n. says that most were shot execution-style in their own homes. the syrian government denies any involvement. >> imagine his shock when a viewer opened the pg&e bill for nearly $3,000. a state rule got him off the hook. coming up in consumer watch. >> regardless i will be crying, relieved that this is over. >> her olympic dream went,,,,,, >> >> imagine getting a pg&e bill for almost $3,000 simply because the utility failed to change your address? >> that is what happened to one northern california man and on the consumer watch, julie watts explains that is a violation of state utility rules. >> it is a very random we're street. >> getting to their house is a bit confusing. >> we have ordered stuff here before and it has never showed up. >> there are two roads with the word " hell, " in pine grove. there's hilltop growth and hilltop court. most mail is directed to the wrong street and th
to some of the most slow commutes' in the united states. but drivers could be in for some relief. >> .com lives in antioch and sits on highway 4 every day. >> at least 20 minutes, 25 minutes to go to and half miles. it is a nightmare. >> this quarter has been a bottleneck and a back to me for many years. that is no secret to the people who have been out here. >> no secret to those that drive the span of highway 4. the national freeway traffic study released this week shows the stretch between bailey rode to somerville road is ranked the no. 10 worst commute in the nation. >> over the years there has been more developments, and east contra costa county, more demand on the freeway. >> experts say the nightmare highway 4 commute cost drivers 60 hours of time per year. caltrans and the contra costa county tradition authority plan on doubling the amount of lanes. with five different projects now under construction. >> what these pressures will do is take the highway that is now two lines in each direction, and access for lans in each direction. it will also make it wide enough for a median for
the check payable to the united states of america, in the amount of their lives. >> and the one who wrote that check was a major kevin like, a stockbroker by trade, but wanting to serve his country more than once. >> he was a military guy, he was wanted to get back in somehow. and he fought in iraq as national guard and got out, and switched over to the army. >> he died in afghanistan january 12, 2011. leaving behind his life, and three kids. they look forward to memorial day, to help heal their loss. >> throughout the whole year i cannot really put that in my mind, today is really the day that i get to think about it, and it comes back. >> now have a new mission, to bring french in love to others that are serving right now. >> we want to find someone to honor every year, someone that no one even knows their story, so we can thank them. so today, that was a huge message for me. >> a message that many could feel the honor and love in the air. >> >> the weekend massacre in syria has drawn criticism from one of the nation's strongest allies, russia blamed the syrian president's for the conti
. 43,000 alien case files for those that enter the united states before 1910 were released in the first phase. millions more will follow in the coming years. descendants now have a window to their past. >> and for more information on the immigration files, contact the national archives. you can find a link at cbssf.com, just click on news. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. we had a 30 degree temperatures stand in the area similar to a summertime weather pattern and now on tuesday evening alive cbs 5 whether cameras showing you the city of san fransisco where today we cool 10 degrees but still topping off in the high 60s. look at the flags there. the wind blowing out of the west at 80 m.p.h.. 61 degrees. clear skies but cool conditions. we will see pockets of fog at blinding the immediate seashore. a modest cool down for wednesday and the extended forecast calls for a bump in the temperatures by mother's day. '40's and '50's overnight, pacific at 50 degrees. otherwise we do have a beautiful area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area. and the only way it
in the united states and about 240,000 of them don't know it. many hope that this test will prevent new infections, but some experts are concerned for people who test positive without a doctor closed by. >> there are profound implications for your life and probably have lots of questions. and there's no one around to help you answer them, to comfort you, to reassure you, to tell you that terror is available. and to talk to you about prognosis. >> the company says they have created a customer support center that would help those consumers with questions and the next lap, 24 hours per day. cbs news los angeles. >> coming up next, how facebook is playing the price is right when it comes to their ipo. >> an inside look at,,,,,,,,,,,, >> facebook is raising the price of its stopped ahead of its friday initial public offering. the social networking company expects to sell its stock for 34 to $38 per share. higher than the previous range of 28 to $35. high demand from investors led to the higher pricing. the idea will value facebook at more than $100 billion. >> some breaking news out of the s
and women in the united states. more than 1100 people die from it each day. some of them from a condition known as the widow maker. tonight we will meet one minnesota woman who has invented what could be the easiest way to spot trouble before is too late. cahow here's a story that truly is from the heart. >> a rustic retreat at the end of a dirt road outside of northfield minnesota. it is about a last place you would think that would be home to a medical breakthrough. >but a garage start up is where reed johnson bypasses the business world. in pursuit of her life's work, to prevent deadly heart attacks. >> we're going to save a lot of lives, we are going to reduce the number of widows and widowers and little kids that do not grow up with their father or mother. that is my goal. >> she spent the past decade developing a hand-held device that can quickly detect heart blockage. her company is about to launch fda trials. >> what ever we do we need to be consistent ... >> a bright outlook for a in invention born out of life's most darkest moment. marie did not know it but her project began jus
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